The Marriage of Reason and Squalor


March, 2015


Sky Arts
The Brewery VFX


The Marriage of Reason and Squalor is an adaption done by Jake Chapman of his own novel. It was screened as a four-part television series on Sky Arts, and was later cut into a feature film for international release.

With the series primarily set on a tropical island, I was assigned with designing and creating matte paintings of the location, as well as a view of the clouds from Helmut's house built atop the edge of a volcanic crater. I was also asked to create concept art for an intriguing character; a drunken sailor with a missing fragment of his skull. The missing fragment created a dent, which allowed him to hide a small rock pool beneath his cap. After my concept art was used to create a 3D image by another artist, I painted additional textures for the barnacles and shells to be projected onto the 3D image through Nuke.